Video diary 2: Limbi and M’romaji roosts

Bronny and Ishaka’s adventures visiting the Livingstone fruit bat roosts at Limbi and M’romaji: camping in a classroom to escape excited children, balancing over a precipice to get a view of the bats and a noisy roost full of the Livingstone’s fruit bat’s cousins Pteropus seychellensis. Oh and a bat falling out of a tree… Don’t worry there’s a happy ending.

2 thoughts on “Video diary 2: Limbi and M’romaji roosts

  1. Hey Bronwen Daniel,
    Along the same lines,, I have experienced programmes whereby the BBC lend members of the public a video clip digital camera to continue to keep a video clip diary and curious about what the models are and how a great deal they value?

    Thanks in advance.
    Great Job!

    • Hi Willie,

      Glad you like our video diaries! I filmed them using my stills camera actually, a Panasonic Lumix as I was aiming to carry as little as possible up the steep slopes. We were impressed with the image quality, it was ideal for web streaming (though we had to compress this a lot for upload on poor internet connections), but the inbuilt microphone is not ideal for good sound capture when there’s lots of background noise.

      Another model we’ve used is a Flip camera, which is really small and easy to use. We won this in a competition though, so I can’t say how much they cost, and from a quick Google it looks like it’s no longer produced as it’s been overtaken by video capacity on smartphones. Again, we found the video quality good, and the sound less so.

      Hope this helps!


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