Dahari launches into eco-tourism by welcoming the Mayotte Naturalists

welcoming the Mayotte Naturalists This October Dahari was privileged to welcome to Anjouan a delegation from the Naturalistes de Mayotte. The Mayotte Association for Naturalists, Environment and Heritage (www.naturalistesmayotte.fr) aims to teach people about Mayotte’s natural and cultural heritage and … Continue reading

Understanding the hydrogeology of Anjouan and the impact of deforestation on the availability of water resources

Arnaud Charmoille, PhD in Hydrogeology and volunteer for the NGO AVSF, came to study the groundwater resources of Anjouan and our intervention around the forest area Moya for two weeks during the month of August 2012. The objective of the study was to better understand the problems of deforestation and its impact on the availability of water on the island. Continue reading