Rehabilitating water infrastructure in the villages of intervention

Between 2011 and 2012, the ECDD project has supported rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure in five villages involved in the project. This activity aimed to improve on the one hand water supply for more than 5000 people. On the other hand, ECDD wanted to develop a community project driven by the demand and collective unpaid work of the villagers, a model that ensures better continuity and durability of activities and the sense of ownership for the end-users. Continue reading

Developing a new NGO for sustainable development and environmental protection in the Comoros, step by step

The creation of a new NGO to build on the work of the ECDD project and play an important role in sustainable development in the Comoros will be one of the major legacies of the project. In this final phase of the current project funding we’ve been concentrating on laying down the foundations for this new organisation. Ahead of its formal launch at the end of the year, we thought we’d share with you the steps we’ve taken towards its creation. Continue reading

Collective work ensures the water is flowing in Kowe, Anjouan

Work has just finished in Kowe to replace the delivery network of under-capacity and leaking pipes. For the first time the villagers have access to water all day long, all year round. We’re planning a big party to celebrate soon, and blogs and more photos will follow. In the meantime we thought we’d share with you a couple of the reactions from Kowe. Continue reading

Propagating better bananas to protect the forest

Bananas are probably the most important food crop in the Comoros; nearly every farmer produces them and everyone eats them, on most days. We’re trialing a technique called rapid banana multiplication or macropropagation, which can produce up to 20-40 new plants from one banana plant, to ensure supply of improved banana varieties and intensify production in existing agricultural land, relieving pressure on the forest. Check out our gallery of photos of the different steps of this process. Continue reading

ECDD support for farmer training groups featured on local TV

VIDEO: An item covering the first meetings of groups of farmers was broadcast on ORTC and RTN (national and regional television networks) on 24 October. The project is organising a programme of training and support for the members of these groups in soil protection and restauration, integration of livestock in agriculture, and the production of bananas. Continue reading

Cartographier les zones coutumières pour faciliter la planification participative de l’aménagement des terroirs villageois

Par Sven Ten Napel – Assistant technique en aménagement des terroirs Bonjour, je suis le nouvel assistant technique, responsable pour le développement de l’approche terroir au sein du projet. Je suis chargé de développer une gestion des terroirs villageois dans … Continue reading